7 Steps to a Successful Insurance Claim

1) Call RW Mason Roofing, LLC to set up a free inspection. 

Our professional claims specialist will give you an honest report of damage to your property.  If damage is found, we will ask you to sign a contingency agreement.  This agreement does not obligate you as a homeowner unless our claims specialist and your insurance company agree that a claim should be filed and a replacement and/or repair cost of the project is calculated.

2) Call your Insurance Company. 

Report that you believe you have damage to your property as a result of a recent storm.  File a claim at that time.  Let them know that you are working with RW Mason Roofing, LLC.

3) An Insurance Adjuster will call you within 72 hours. 

Your Insurance adjuster will set up a date and time to inspect your property. Make sure you keep a record of the Adjustor’s name and phone number.

4) Call RW Mason Roofing, LLC at 910-707-0668.

When you call, please provide us with the date and time of the appointment, so that we will be available to meet with the adjuster on your behalf.

5) RW Mason Roofing, LLC will meet with the insurance adjustor. 

At this meeting it will be determined if replacement and/or repair to your home is needed.

6) The Insurance Company will send you a copy of the Scope of the damage and a first check. 

When you receive your paperwork, call RW Mason Roofing, LLC and we will set up a pre-start meeting.

7) Pre-Start Meeting:

We will review your paperwork, pick out materials, colors and set a projected start date.  At that time and throughout the process, we are always available to answer any and all questions.